Physical activities for seniors: The different types of physical activities for seniors


When it comes to physical activities for seniors, there are various forms of physical activities that seniors and older adults may test out. Among the easiest and simplest physical actions is mild activity. In light physical activity, there’s absolutely no need to follow a daily exercise regimen. All you’ve got to do is move around instead of sitting idly in your bed or sofa. Some of the regular light physical activities include standing up, sweeping the floor, dusting, cleaning, getting up to take certain things around the house, moving around, etc..

The next type of physical activities for seniors is a moderate aerobic activity. Moderate aerobic exercises are a great way to raise the heartbeat of seniors and older adults. When the heartbeat is increased, it makes the person undertaking the physical activity feel warmer and breathes faster. Some of the common types of moderate aerobic exercise include taking a hike, riding a bicycle, dance, water aerobics, pushing the lawnmower, etc.. However, it’s ideal to follow such an exercise routine under a relative or a caretaker’s supervision.

Vigorous physical activities for seniors is also another great form of physical activities for seniors. The vigorous-intensity activity is intense physical activities that make it hard to talk much without gasping for air while performing it. In such type of physical activity, breathing becomes extremely fast and hard. Some of the common examples of vigorous-intensity activity include martial arts, swimming quickly, playing sports such as football and long tennis, cycling fast, etc.. However, seniors or older adults must execute such physical activities that are physically healthier and fit. If physically weaker seniors tackle such physical activities than it may have some serious consequences.

Such physical activities for seniors, as mentioned above, have to be followed and performed according to the era of the seniors. The type of physical activity should be undertaken based on the fitness level you want to attain. It’s best to start by performing mild physical activity if you a beginner. Once your body has gotten used to performing mild physical activity, you can move on to the more advanced stages like moderate aerobic activity and vigorous-intensity activity. While doing such physical activities, it is advisable to stick to a daily routine and not overdo it. If you’re not confident about performing such physical activities on your won, you should search for someone’s help to direct and supervise you.

The rowing machine is also a piece of excellent exercise equipment for seniors. When one uses the rowing machine, it creates resistance by pulling away from the body. The rowing machine is a superb way to strengthen the core of the body. One of the terrific things about rowing machines is that they are customizable according to the person’s needs and requirements. Seniors may use the rowing machine to operate muscles, safely stretch and increase endurance without putting much strain on key joints. For a great cardio work out on the rowing machine, all you’ve got to do is select the proper set-amount and pressure.


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